Welcome to FlexDelft

FlexDelft has been established in 2009 and is a part of TU Delft Services. We offer efficient support for HR related questions.

Our focus is on the payment of employees who have a short term and/or flexible hours job within the university. This constitutes of primarily Student-assistants, students that help during the open days, master events, etc.


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FlexDelft is the internal payroll agency of the TU Delft. With payrolling, students or employees are recruited by their faculty. FlexDelft takes care of the legal and administration affairs like setting up contracts, the payment of salaries, and guarding the budgets/hours. If you are employed through FlexDelft, we will pay your salary. Many TU Delft students and temporary employees are paid through FlexDelft. On this website you will find everything there is to know about our services and procedures. If you have questions about this service, please contact us 015 278 7765 or per e-mail flexdelft@tudelft.nl.


In association with the HR department of TU Delft FlexDelft has been appointent as recruitment partner for secretary vacancies. The name of this service is FleXelect and offers tailor made support when you have a secretary vacancy.
Do you want more information about how we can support you? Don't hesitate to contact us through 015 278 7765 or by e-mail fx@tudelft.nl.

Contract staffing for non-students

Do you want to hire a non-student? That is possible through FlexDelft Detacheringen. With this construction the employee will get a FlexDelft Detacheringen contract and we will take care of the monthly payment with working conditions such as the TU Delft employees.  If you have questions about this service, please contact us 015 278 7765 or per e-mail fdd@tudelft.nl.


From September 1st 2013 FlexDelft is selected as TU Delft's partner for the coordination, recruitment and scheduling of invigilators for exams at TU Delft.
Do you have a questions about our service? please contact us 015 2787765 or per e-mail surveillanten@tudelft.nl

Student registration

What do you need to bring?
        A valid passport or ID card (no driver’s license)
        Dutch Bank account number (IBAN).
        BSN Number
Caution: students from outside the EU need to bring more documents for registration. Refer to the tab “Students from outside the EU”.

Register students

When you chose to hire a student through FlexDelft, you have to fill in the online registration form of FlexDelft.
The student can register him or herself with FlexDelft. They have to bring a valid passport/ID card (no driver's lisence).
After the student is registered with FlexDelft, we will send you a confirmation of the assignment.